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1. Was a loose screw ___ing out from the escalator wall?
5. Buildings have stairs, ___s, or elevators.
7. Men wear ___, slacks, or jeans.
10. I lost a lot of weight; now my pants are too ___. They're not tight anymore.
11. I ___. I gave you the wrong advice. I'm very sorry.


1. A ___driver fastens a ___. A hammer fastens a nail.
2. Something ___bed his pants cuff. It was a loose screw that was sticking out.
3. An ___ is a worker. An employer is the company or corporation.
4. A ___ sells health items. It often has a pharmacy.
6. Shirts and pants have ___s at the bottom of the pants or sleeves.
8. You can ___ a rope, but you can't push it.
9. The loose screw caught his pants cuff and ___ped it. It was just a little ___.