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3. Street ___s and store ___s are everywhere. The ___s give you information, such as "No Parking" or "Paper Products."
4. You can buy nosedrops and eyedrops at a ___.
5. Don't talk out ___, please. You're in a library.
7. ___ is a popular brand of toothpaste. The ___ is the highest part of a mountain.
9. How much ___ do you put on your toothbrush?
10. Many small fish have ___ colors, but large fish are usually a dull color.


1. Turn on your flash___ if you can't see in the dark.
2. Which bunk bed do you want--the top or the ___?
3. The eyedrops were on the middle ___ in Aisle 8 of the drugstore.
4. He walked ___ to the checkout line. He didn't waste any time.
6. The eyedrops were in the Personal Health ___ of the drugstore. They were on the middle shelf.
8. How much time do you spend ___ing for an item when you go shopping?