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4. An ___ causes the ground to shake and buildings to fall.
6. ___ people need to see a doctor. They are ill.
7. Some ___s of the earthquake were buried under buildings. A crime ___ will call the police.
10. to ___ = to permit. No dogs are ___ed in this building.
11. An ___ is a child whose parents are dead.
12. She got ___d in the car accident. Her leg was broken.


1. A search and ___ team tries to find victims of an earthquake.
2. There were no ___s of the plane accident. Everyone on the plane died.
3. Rescuers ___d food and water to all the survivors of the earthquake. They had a good distribution system.
5. If you get a good ___ in school, you can usually get a good job.
8. The earthquake caused many buildings to ___ to the ground.
9. Did the earthquake ___ some victims underneath collapsed buildings? We ___ dead people in the ground.