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2. If you have a ___ pain, it doesn't go away. It's there ___ly.
5. A doctor ___s injuries. A mechanic ___s cars.
6. You can't buy anything without ___. You have to spend ___ to make ___.
8. A ___ is when a doctor looks at you and figures out what your problem is. It is short for a "___ation." To ___ is to get advice from.
9. Your ___ is your belly button. Take the lint out of it.
11. I can't ___ whether I want chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream. Maybe I'll take both.


1. A ___ pain is like a ___ knife is cutting into you.
2. It's ___er to fix a small problem. It's more expensive to fix a big problem.
3. A. What time is your ___ at the doctor's office? B. It's at 1:30 p.m.
4. A ___ is a rip or a tear. If you have a ___, a doctor can repair it.
7. A ___ ache doesn't hurt as much as a sharp pain.
10. Take an aspirin if you have a head___.