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1. The man and woman didn't agree about anything. They ___d about everything.
5. The man and woman lived ___, but they were thinking about living apart.
7. Is it 8 p.m. ___? I thought it was only 6 p.m.!
10. Give me a ___ and a kiss.
11. When you ___, make sure you lock the door and turn out the lights.
12. Don't ___ at me. Just speak in a normal voice. ___ing and screaming aren't necessary.


2. Would you ___ live alone, or would you ___ live with someone?
3. Don't be a ___. Our apartment looks like a pigpen. Pick up your clothes. Wash the dishes. Vacuum the floor. Make the bed.
4. You're so ___. You don't work; you don't even look for work. You don't help around the house. What good are you?
6. I'm cooking dinner ___ you watch TV. Can't you help me a little bit?
8. Everything was ___-dovey during the honeymoon. But they started arguing after the honeymoon.
9. Stop yelling at me like I'm a ___. I'm not a ___; I don't have four legs and a tail.