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1. The ___ for the company said she would be glad to help him.
3. I'm not joking around. I'm ___. I'm not kidding.
5. The cars were all lined up in a straight ___. It snowed for three days in a ___.
6. I will leave at NY at 8 p.m., and I will ___ in Boston at 11 p.m.
8. A. What time does the train go to Boston? B. I don't know. Look at the train ___. It has all the departure and arrival times.
10. You need a tracking number, a confirmation number, and a ___ number. He bought a ___ of beer every weekend.
11. She picked it up, and then she ___ it back down.
12. He didn't come in first place; he came in ___, but that's better than third.


2. That birthday party was a nice ___ for her. It really ___d her; she wasn't expecting it.
4. All that noise outside is ___ing me. Please close the windows.
7. A. See you ___. B. OK, see you ___.
9. What ___ed yesterday? I didn't hear the news.