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1. A bar often has a ___ for playing music. People put their money in and select a song.
6. ___s are places that serve alcohol. People go to ___s to be with or meet other people.
7. The cars slowed down for the accident, but then ___d speed after passing by the accident.
8. A ___ is a closed hand. Boxers punch with their ___s.
10. People like to ___ to fast music or slow music.
11. Are there 60 ___s in an hour?
12. The police arrested him because he ___ her up with his fists.


2. She was ___, but she was breathing. They took her to the hospital. She became conscious a while later.
3. Young women usually have ___, brown, black, or red hair.
4. A ___ is a woman with brown hair.
5. A bathroom is in a private home; a ___ is in a public place.
9. A fashion model usually has a pretty body and a pretty ___.