103. Can I Borrow $1,000?


She was angry. She was angry with her brother. Her brother didn't help her. She needed to borrow $1,000. She had asked her brother to lend her $1,000. He said no. Her brother said he didn't have $1,000. Her brother was lying. Her brother had $10,000. He had ten times $1,000. Why did he lie to her? Why didn't he tell her the truth? Why didn't he lend her $1,000? She said, "I know you have $10,000. All I want is $1,000. I will pay you back next year. You will get your money back next year." He said no. He said people shouldn't borrow money. He said people shouldn't lend money. "But I'm not 'people,'" she said. "I'm your sister!"

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