151. "Please Wait"

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He called the cable TV company. "My screen goes black," he said. "Every five minutes my screen goes black." "Sir, does it go completely black?" the representative asked. "No," he said. "Big white letters say Please Wait." "Oh, that's good," she said. "If you don't see Please Wait, that's super bad." He was glad to hear that. "I'm glad to hear it's not super bad," he said. "So, does that mean someone can fix it soon?" "No," she said, "the soonest a technician can come to your home is next Tuesday. If your screen was completely black, a technician could come to your home tomorrow." He thought about that. "You know, I'm watching my TV right now. It just went completely black. It does not say Please Wait. It's completely black." She was silent for a moment. "A technician can come out tomorrow, sir. Will you be home?" she asked.

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