157. The M&M Container

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She loved M&M candy. She went to the M&M store in New York City. The store has three floors. Each floor has many M&M items. There are M&M coffee cups. There are M&M pillows. There are M&M T-shirts. She bought an M&M snack container. She bought a pound of red M&Ms. "I'll put my M&Ms into this container. I'll eat the M&Ms when I need energy," she thought. She went home. She put the snack container on the coffee table. What's this, she wondered. She saw tiny scratches. She saw many tiny scratches on the lid. It was a brand new lid. It was a brand new container. She didn't want a lid with scratches. She went back to the store. She would exchange her lid for a lid with no scratches. She looked at all the lids on all the containers. Every one of them had many tiny scratches.

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