163. The Locked Door

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It was Sunday in New York City. He needed some cash. He walked to the bank on the corner. Next to the bank were six indoor ATMs. A woman was using one of the ATMs. He pulled on the glass door. The door was locked. He pulled again. How did she get in there? She finished using the ATM. She walked toward him. She opened the door. She stepped outside. He held onto the door. He walked inside. She must have waited for someone, too, he thought. He put his card into the ATM. He got his cash. He started to walk out. Just then a young woman walked in. He couldn't believe it. "Excuse me," he said. "How did you get in here? That door is locked." "Outside there's a slot next to the door," she said. "Just slide your ATM card into the slot. The door will unlock."

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