169. Outside His Window (2)

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His apartment is on the seventh floor. He can see the busy street from his bedroom window. The sidewalk is often crowded with people. The sidewalk is wide. It's about 20 feet wide. New York City has many wide sidewalks. He can see several stores. One store is a clothing store. Two stores are shoe stores. A nearby building has a shiny silver smokestack. It's a tall, skinny smokestack. It's 15 stories tall. Pigeons fly above the street. They land on building ledges. The ledges are beneath the windows. Two or three pigeons land on the same ledge. They sit there for a while. Then they fly away. Yesterday he saw a red balloon. It was as big as a soccer ball. It rose to his eye level. It quickly rose higher. In seconds it was gone. Where is it today? It might be floating over the cold, blue Atlantic.

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