177. Bags of Cans

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He lived in a one-bedroom apartment. He had lived there for a long time. He usually went out on Sunday only. He took the bus to church. He took the bus to the supermarket. He bought only canned food. He bought canned tuna. He bought canned chicken. He bought canned vegetables. After shopping, he took the bus home. He watched TV every day, all day long. He threw his trash into plastic bags. His apartment was full of plastic bags. The plastic bags were full of empty cans. His son visited him occasionally. "Dad," he said, "you have to throw out all these bags. They're a health hazard. You might get a disease. You might attract roaches. They're a safety hazard. You might trip and fall down." His dad told him not to worry. "I throw all these bags out as soon as they start to smell," he said.

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