200. Fifty Missing Pages

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He needed to study for a test. He went online to order a book. He went to the publisher's website. He found the book he needed to study. It was 240 pages. It was $59. Shipping was $6. He could order the book from the publisher's website. Or, he could order it from the Borders store. It was only a block away. Borders wouldn't charge him for shipping. He walked over to Borders. He gave the book title to the clerk. She typed the title into her computer. The price was $59. Shipping was free. The number of pages was 190. "Wait a minute," he said. "I just looked at this book online. It has 240 pages, not 190. Where did 50 pages go?" "That's strange," she said. "Maybe you should order it from the publisher." "No," he said. "It's okay. That's 50 pages that I won't have to study."

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