158. Put an Ad on Craigslist

The phone rang. “’s New York?” Wally asked. “ love it,” Eugene said. “ you found a job?” asked. “Of course I ’t found a job,” Eugene . “I only got here month ago.” “You’d better up,” said Wally. “Your will run out before know it.” “I’m looking,” Eugene. “But it’s tough. of people are looking work. But there aren’t of jobs.” “You should Craigslist,” said Wally. “Many in New York want improve their English. They pay you good money. on Craigslist. See what English teachers are charging. a few dollars less.” “’s a good idea,” said . “But should I charge or more? If I less, they might think ’m not so good. If charge more, they might I’m very good.” “Put ads on Craigslist,” said .