188. USPS Redelivery (2)

Jean opened her . She saw the postal . It said, “Insured package. we missed you. Call redelivery: 1-800-275-8777.” She went to her apartment. She the 800 number. A menu voice said, “Thank for calling USPS. Let’s . You can say Delivery .” Jean said, “Delivery Services.” voice said, “You can Redelivery.” Jean said, “Redelivery.” voice said, “You can Schedule a Redelivery.” Jean , “Schedule a redelivery.” The didn’t understand her. Jean , “Representative.” A female USPS said, “Hello. How can help you?” Jean asked a redelivery the next . The representative said, “No . You’ll get your package . Here’s your tracking number. , you can depend on .” The next day, the came and went. He not redeliver the package. called the 800 number .