189. USPS Redelivery (3)

The USPS phone voice answered. Jean said, “.” A male representative said . “The mailman didn’t redeliver package today,” Jean said. “ is the tracking number your package?” he asked. told him the number. “ can’t find that number,” said. “Are you sure ’s the right number?” “Yes. gave it to me ,” she said. “Did the representative give you a number?” he asked. Jean no. “You must get confirmation number,” he said. “ confirmation number, no redelivery. do you want redelivery?” asked for redelivery on . “Okay, you’ll get your tomorrow,” he said. “Here’s new tracking number and number. Remember, you can on USPS.” Jean felt better. She had two . The next day the came and went. He ’t redeliver her package. Jean the 800 number again.