They and Day


Part 1: Recognition: Number 1 to 6. I'll say 3 words; which is different (1,2, or 3)?

Example: they -- day -- they

1. dare dare there
2. doze those those
3. breathes breathes breeds
4. father fodder father
5. wordiness worthiness wordiness
6. writhe ride ride

Part 2: Recognition: Which do you hear? I'll say a word. Is it D or TH sound?

Example: they

1. dud
2. wordy
3. worth
4. thine
5. though
6. breeds
7. doze
8. faith

Part 3: Which do you hear?

1. a. How much is that worth? / b. How much is that word?
2. a. That was a little thin. / b. That was a little din.
3. a. The tithe was very high. / b. The tide was very high.
4. a. They were able to breathe easily. / b. They were able to breed easily.
5. a. We held the other. / b. We held the udder.

Part 4: Sentences

1. Bathing our dog was a lot of work.
2. Some of her sentences are too wordy.
3. They bought some seeds so they can have more flowers in the front.
4. When infants teethe, they can be very cranky.
5. Be sure to lather up when you wash your hands.
6. Dining there can be a lot of fun.