Thigh and Shy


Part 1: Recognition: Number 1 to 6. Ill say 3 words, which one is different (1, 2, or 3)

Example: thigh shy shy

1. shred shred thread
2. mash math math
3. shin thin shin
4. wish wish with
5. wrath rash wrath
6. shank thank thank

Part 2: Recognition: Which do you hear? Ill say a word. Is it TH or SH sound?

Example: shy

1. bash
2. sheaf
3. thrill
4. sheaf
5. thrive
6. welsh
7. thin
8. math

Part 3: Which do you hear?

1. a. She likes math. / b. She likes MASH.
2. a. There were a lot of sheaves. / b. There were a lot of thieves.
3. a. The blanket was left in threads after the dog chewed it. / b. The blanket was left in shreds after the dog chewed it.
4. a. That was a nice bash. / b. That was a nice bath.
5. a. Never show your rash.
b. Never show your wrath.

Part 4: Sentences

1. Shes showing her new shoes to her friends.
2. Its important to send a thank you card.
3. They will take a math class next semester.
4. Her happiness really shined after having her baby.
5. Those tomatoes are really thriving.
6. They left out the lasagna so it could thaw out.