Volt and Bolt


Part 1: Recognition: Number 1 to 6. I'll say 3 words, which one is different (1, 2, or 3)

Example: volt bolt bolt

1. vest vest best
2. marvel marble marvel
3. curve curb curb
4. vowel bowel bowel
5. covered cupboard cupboard
6. dove dub dove

Part 2: Recognition: Which do you hear? I'll say a word. Is it V or B sound?

Example: bolt

1. vet
2. vail
3. vote
4. ravel
5. curbed
6. savor
7. robe
8. cab

Part 3: Which do you hear?

1. a. That's the best. / b. That's the vest.
2. a. They bend that here. / b. They vend that here.
3. a. Did you vote last week? / b. Did you boat last week?
4. a. There are some new calves over there. / b. There are some new cabs over there.
5. a. There were some flowers on the curb. / b. There were some flowers on the curve.

Part 4: Sentences

1. She thinks her lover is a very special person.
2. Many people are going to vote in the next election.
3. Children bow to their parents in many cultures throughout the world.
4. She wore a beautiful veil in the wedding.
5. He'd like to get a van since they can hold so many people.
6. That pitcher should improve his curve ball.