Head Had Hut Hot


Part 1: Which one is different?

Example: Beg Beg Bag

1. Bug Bog Bug
2. Leg Lag Lag
3. Lug Lug Log
4. Puppy Puppy Poppy
5. Blunder Blonder Blonder
6. Lug Lag Lag

Part 2: Which sound do you hear? Write a, e, o or u.

Example: Knock

1. Sack
2. Hut
3. Net
4. Cod
5. Mat
6. Lock
7. Gut
8. Rot

Part 3: Which do you hear?

1. a. There was a long hug. / b. There was a long hog.
2. a. They bought a net at a fishing store. / b. They bought a gnat at a fishing store.
3. a. She needed to bag the money. / b. She needed to beg the money.
4. a. He needed the right cut. / b. He needed the right cot.
5. a. They like those puppies. / b. They like those poppies.