Os and Us


Part 1: Dictation

1. His hut is rather simple.
2. They found a big knot.
3. It is fun to test my luck.
4. She's not in the mood.
5. What's wrong with that hood?

Part 2: Recognition. Which do you hear?

1. Hood Hut Hook Hoot
2. Put Poke Puke Puck
3. Nook Nuke Nut Knot
4. Shoot Shut Shook Shot
5. Got Goose Goat Gust

Part 3: Some sentences to practice

1. Where is my hood? It's getting cold out.
2. We don't want to live in a hut. Is that all we can afford?
3. You should get some better hooks before going fishing again.
4. Some owls have loud hoots that we can hear at night.
5. Where did they put the stuff? I can't find it!!
6. Don't poke your sister in the eye! She might get hurt.
7. Don't puke in the car! That's disgusting!!
8. We can't find the puck for the air hockey game. Have you seen it?
9. They have a nice nook in their kitchen. It's great eating in that spot of their house.
10. Many people are afraid some crazy person will get ahold of a nuke and use it.
11. Those nuts are delicious. Where did you get them?
12. He tied a fancy knot with the rope.
13. Shooting a gun can be painful. It's as easy as it looks in the movies.
14. She accidentally shut the door on her mom's fingers. What a tragedy!
15. We shook the president's hand with great smiles on our faces.
16. Unfortunately we heard another shot last night.
17. We've got to do that tonight. There won't be enough time tomorrow.
18. There was a goose running around in his backyard.
19. Some people like drinking goat milk and think it tastes delicious.
20. There was a strong gust of wind in the middle of the night, and it woke us up.