03. A Life-Saving Cow

Six consecutive days of spring rain had created raging river running by Nancy Brown’s farm. As tried to herd her cows to higher ground, slipped and hit her head on a fallen trunk. The fall knocked her out for a or two. When she came to, Lizzie, one her oldest and favorite cows, was licking her . The water was rising. Nancy got up and walking slowly with Lizzie. The water was now high. Nancy’s pace got slower and slower. Finally, she could do was to throw her arm Lizzie’s neck and try to hang on. About minutes later, Lizzie managed to successfully pull herself Nancy out of the raging water and onto bit of high land, a small island now the middle of acres of white water.
Even it was about noon, the sky was so and the rain and lightning so bad that took rescuers another two hours to discover Nancy. helicopter lowered a paramedic, who attached Nancy to life-support hoist. They raised her into the helicopter took her to the school gym, where the Cross had set up an emergency shelter.
When flood subsided two days later, Nancy immediately went to the “island.” Lizzie was gone. She was of 19 cows that Nancy lost. “I owe life to her,” said Nancy sobbingly.