04. Driver Loses Mabel, Finds Jail

A fifteen-year-old boy was injured in a car when the minivan he was traveling in was by a pickup truck at an intersection. The was taken to a nearby hospital. The paramedics that it appeared that the boy had nothing serious than a broken left leg, but that injuries were always a possibility. The boy was and alert. His mother, who was driving, was . She said that the truck appeared out of , and she thought she was going to die. turned the steering wheel sharply to the left, the truck hit her minivan on the passenger .
The driver of the truck was a 50-year-old who was unemployed and apparently had been drinking—police 18 empty beer cans inside the truck. The denied drinking, but he failed the police test sobriety. When asked to touch his nose with arms outstretched and eyes closed, he was unable touch any part of his head.
The handcuffed asked the police if they knew where “Mabel” as he was put into the back seat the police vehicle. The police asked him if was his wife. He said, “She’s my dog, dog! Where’s my baby?” A dog with a , but no identification, was found minutes later, half block away. The man was taken to the jail and booked on suspicion of driving while and on causing an accident.