09. Wanted To Know How His Pig’s Doing

Two mayors made a bet on the outcome the Vegetable Bowl, the annual football game between high school teams. If Arvada’s team lost, the of Arvada would send the mayor of Boulder pounds of sliced potatoes, ready for frying. If ’s team lost, the mayor would send ten pounds sliced tomatoes, ready for sandwiches or salads.
Unfortunately, the game started, the mayor of Boulder overheard Arvada mayor tell someone: “They grow the worst . If they lose and send us their tomatoes, ’m going to give them all to my pig.” mayor of Boulder was upset to hear this, he thought Boulder’s tomatoes were the best in state. So he gave the matter some thought.
following week, the big game was played. Boulder its star quarterback in the first half when tripped over a cheerleader and sprained his big . The quarterback glumly watched the rest of the from the bench. His team ended up losing, to 12. The two mayors shook hands after game, and the Arvada mayor said, “I’m really forward to those tomatoes.” As the Boulder team the stadium, some unhappy fans threw ripe tomatoes them.
A week later, the mayor of Arvada a package of beautifully sliced tomatoes. He took straight to his pig, which gobbled them right . That night the mayor of Boulder asked his if Arvada’s mayor had called. “No,” she said. “?” “Because I mixed a pint of hot sauce the tomatoes and I wanted to know how pig’s doing.”