10. Goats Being Hired

Goats are being hired to do the work men in a neighborhood just outside of San . The fires that occurred in Hillborough four years destroyed thirty homes, most of which have been . While contractors were rebuilding the homes, nature was the grasses, bushes, and shrubs. The area is so overgrown in brush that it again poses major fire hazard.
The city council asked for to remove the brush. The lowest bid they was $50,000. And that was if the city breakfast and lunch for the work crews for six weeks it would take to clear the area. The city countered, offering unlimited coffee (black ) and a doughnut a day for each crew . When that offer was rejected, the city asked help on its website.
A sheepherder in Montana a goatherder in San Bernardino read about the ’s plight while surfing the web on their laptops. both offered to do the job for $25,000. council chose the goatherder because he lived closer. told that the city dump was overflowing, the said, “No problem. My goats will eat everything your dump. Except for the automobile engines, of .” So, for another $5,000, the city killed two with one stone. If all goes well, they invite the goatherder and his “family” back every years. The goatherder said he will probably visit Diego while his goats are in the dump. “ want to take one of those hang-glider rides. just hope we don’t crash. My goats would me a lot,” he said.