13. Water Under the Sink (Part One)

The 36-year-old bachelor ate his usual lunch at . He had an apple, a ham sandwich with sliced dill pickle, a bowl of chicken noodle with a couple of soda crackers, and a candy bar, all washed down with an eight-ounce of milk.
After he finished breakfast, Ed put in the sink, poured a little dishwashing soap a Teflon pad, and scrubbed the soup bowl, sandwich plate, and the milk glass. Then he on the garbage disposal to grind up the bits of food that he had scraped off plate. He left the kitchen to go brush teeth. But he felt something wet on his foot. Sure enough, he looked down and saw water on the kitchen carpet. “What is this?” said aloud.
Opening the cabinet door under the , he saw no dripping water. He went to closet and got a flashlight. When he shined light into the cabinet under the sink, he drops of water on the sides of the blue steel cylinder. It looked like he had leaky garbage disposal. To test his theory, he on the switch, and a stream of water out of a seam onto the cabinet floor then onto the kitchen carpet. Ed had a , but he didn’t have time to fix it . He had to run some errands. He put tape over the switch so he couldn’t accidentally the disposal on again.