15. Theft Occurs Everywhere

An elderly woman told the police that, as entered a restroom, she was jostled by a behind her. A few minutes later, as she about to pay for a moustache remover at nearby store, she discovered that her wallet was from her purse. Apparently the woman who had into her had cleverly stolen her wallet. This of theft is called pick-pocketing.
Perhaps an even personal kind of theft is known as housebreaking, burglary. After such an intrusion, the victims often a feeling of violation. They seldom regain the and security level they used to have in home. They constantly feel like they are being ; they feel that if they go out, the will again come in. They feel uncomfortable when are home, and they feel uncomfortable when they ’t home.
Burglars get lucky or make their own . Sometimes homeowners forget to lock all their windows doors. Sometimes burglars will break a window, cut a screen door, or force open a side .
Thieves have no shame. They will steal from that they think is vulnerable. Of course, that the elderly are their frequent victims. Some thieves very clever; some are very lucky. All of make an honest person’s life more difficult. It’s bad that all of them can’t be caught converted into honest people.
Imagine that: a world no larceny, a world where you can park bicycle unsecured on the sidewalk, or leave your unattended in your shopping cart. Is this only dream? Some say that if you can dream it, it can happen.