18. $100 Deposit

The well-dressed, gray-haired woman was crying her eyes . She had just been fined $100 by the because a month ago her dog made a on the front lawn of the courthouse.
“I got out of the cab and I leashed to the light pole. After I paid the and gave the driver a dollar tip, I around and saw that Poopsie had made a . I didn’t have any plastic bags, so I , ‘Well, Poopsie, let’s go home. There’s nothing I do about this now.’
“We were just starting when I heard this voice out of nowhere: ‘ me, ma’am. Is that your dog?’ I turned . It was an officer of the law. Well, course, it was my dog. ‘That dog just an illegal deposit on the courthouse lawn. As owner, it’s your responsibility to dispose of that . See the sign over there? I’m going to to write you a citation.’
“I asked him sign he was talking about. He pointed all way down to the end of the block. little sign, a block away! How could anyone that? I couldn’t see that sign with my opera glasses. The officer said that I could the ticket. He said the judge was a old man who owned four dogs. So I , ‘OK, thank you, I’ll fight the ticket.’
“So I went to court, I dressed Poopsie up his prettiest ribbons and made extra sure he his business first. We were both so excited. just knew the judge and Poopsie would hit off.
“But do you know what happened when got inside? They had a different judge, a who is allergic to dogs, and he immediately sniffling, coughing, sneezing, and looking around. And then yelled at me to get the dog out the courtroom. He fined me $100 on the out without even giving me a chance to about Poopsie’s chronic dyspepsia. It was terrible! I’m upset.”