27. Pulling Out Nine Tons of Trash

A work crew consisting of 150 volunteers worked eight hours in a light drizzle on Saturday clean Carson Creek of almost nine tons of . “A job well done,” smiled Alan Specter, the of the event. “We’re scheduled to come back one more time, three years from now. Of , we hope that there won’t be nine tons garbage next time.”
The garbage came in all , sizes, and colors: cans, bottles, bicycles, car tires, batteries, sofas, furniture, clothing, shopping carts, bowling balls, bags, dolls, baby carriages, TV antennas, and portable . There was even a golf bag with a set of golf clubs.
Much of the backbreaking was done by two community groups—the Cub Scouts Boy Scouts, and two environmental groups—Save the Bay Watch the Whales. Concerned retirees and volunteers from and fire departments assisted. Everyone was issued boots, , and rain gear. The work occurred along a -mile stretch of streambed. The debris was hauled roadside, trucks lined up to take the trash to landfill. More than 500 big yellow trash bags filled.
No one found anything of great value, a five-year-old boy found an earring that he might be worth a million dollars because it so shiny. He said he would sell it. he would donate half of the proceeds to the Whales, and use the other half to a triple-scoop ice cream cone every day for rest of his life.