29. Rentals at the Oceanside Community

The oceanside community of Lozano Beach is debating to allow homeowners to rent out their homes a weekly basis during the summer. Such rentals high incomes for the owners and the city, gets part of this income through a 15-percent to the owner. “This can be a boon our coffers,” said Rick Brown, city manager. “In summer, homeowners can bring in $2,000 a week more.”
However, these rentals can also be a of worms. The city stopped allowing weekly rentals years ago because of the problems they were . Two, three, or even four families would pile a two- or three-bedroom house. Then they would their cars on the lawn and produce huge of trash. Sometimes they would toss this trash the streets and sidewalks.
Noise would be another . Some people would party late and loud every . This abuse created a lot of friction with and resulted in extra work for city maintenance and for police, who had to respond almost to residents’ complaints about noise, music, trash, and problems. But now, the city’s budget problems are it reconsider its ban.
City officials will hold community meeting next week to listen to the and cons. One official has already suggested a . He thinks that a fine might work. If city has to respond to complaints, the homeowner be charged $200 per response. Such a fine cause the homeowner to be careful to rent to people that he is sure will be of the neighbors. The city would still get percent of the rental fee, even if the ’s rent were totally offset by fines. The city post inconsiderate renters’ names on the city website that other homeowners would know about them.
Some think the ban should be continued because these to the community have already proven that they no consideration for others. Their money isn’t worth headaches they cause.