39. City Hosts 42nd Art Fair

The Fernwood Library sponsored Fernwood’s 42nd Art Fair weekend. The three-day event was held, as usual, Memorial Park. Almost 100 artists showed up each . More than 1,000 locals and visitors strolled through shady park daily, as temperatures remained in the 70s all weekend.
All kinds of art were display and for sale. Prices ranged from a of dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. , a native of Peru, was selling his beautiful of the mountain village of Ayacucho, where he most of the year. “Every year I come the United States to sell my paintings at five different art shows. Then I return to country. That is where I do all my , in our beautiful mountains.”
Peter is a photographer. travels throughout the southwest US. One of his areas is northeast Arizona. “That’s where Spider Rock ,” he said, pointing to a beautiful color photograph a towering sandstone spire about 800 feet high. rock, according to Navajo Indian lore, was the of Spider Woman, a goddess revered by the .
A Navajo woman was selling her own rug at the fair. She was busy creating a while visitors watched. When asked how long it , she replied that her creations usually took months. said that Navajo tradition was to always weave slight flaw into an article so as not offend Spider Woman, because only Spider Woman could a perfect weave.
The exhibit areas were located the park. Artists’ creations included jewelry, ceramics, bird , gourd art, furniture, pottery, handmade musical instruments, music , and sculpture. Almost all the artists had their displayed beneath shady canopies.
“This was another successful for our art fair,” said the head librarian. “ artists sold enough of their work to encourage to return next year, and the library raised $700 from sales of various items. We’ll use money to purchase a few more tables and .”