44. Larry Needs a New Air-Conditioner

It had been another hot spring day. By o’clock in the evening, it had only cooled to 87 degrees, according to Larry's thermometer in living room. He rarely looked at his thermometer he usually didn't care what the exact temperature .
Larry had two table fans in his bedroom. of the high temperatures, the last three evenings been “two-fan” nights. He used his air-conditioner only . During one month the previous summer, he had the air-conditioner 10 days consecutively, day and night. electric bill that July, normally about $30, was .
But Larry figured that, once in a while, the AC wouldn't kill him. So that evening 11:30, just before he went to bed, he on the AC. He set the thermostat to degrees. He woke up four hours later when heard a big bang, which sounded like two had run into each other on the street . But it wasn't two cars. It was the capacitor on the roof; it had just blown . Larry's air-conditioner was officially dead.
Two circuit breakers switched off, so he switched them back on. had already suspected that there was something wrong his air-conditioner. He called Jack, the repairman, but didn't show up until four days later because was so busy repairing all the other air-conditioners the neighborhood.
When Jack finally came, he climbed on the roof. Larry heard a lot of . Twenty minutes later Jack told Larry, "You need new air-conditioner. Yours is the original model that with this apartment building. All the other original units have been replaced. Yours lasted longest, but it’s kicked the bucket. I'm going to call landlady to see if she will approve a AC unit for you. It’s going to cost parts and labor.”
“Wow,” said Larry.
Jack said if everything went as planned, he'd install a unit Monday morning. “Until then,” he said with smile, “stay cool.”
Larry said, “No problem,” but wondered if he should drive to the thrift to look for a third fan for his .