45. Man Gets 12 Years for Fraud

A federal judge sentenced Bruce Jones to 12 in federal prison for fraud. Over a 10-year , Jones had managed to swindle almost $10 million thousands of gullible people throughout the state.
He his fantastic ideas on TV. "For some reason," said, "TV seems to break the ice. Even you are a total stranger to the viewer, he sees you on TV in his home, feels like he knows you. You enter his room and become a trusted friend."
Jones had imagination that wouldn’t quit. One time he showed an "official government" earthquake report which “proved” that western half of California would collapse into the within three years. For $100, he said, Jones insure your house and property for full value. of people who saw that TV ad sent a hundred dollars each.
In another TV ad, claimed that he had negotiated with the federal state government for exclusive air rights. He told that, for only $100, they could own the 10 miles above all their property. You would able to charge any commercial plane that flew your property $100 per crossing. You would also able to charge government rockets, satellites, space shuttles, space stations $100 for each and every violation your air rights.
Another time, Jones claimed to invented a product that gets rid of calories. showed the viewers a spray can of "NoCal." said that by simply spraying NoCal on your , a chemical interaction would cause all the calories the food to simply evaporate within about 10 . The NoCal was only $10 a can. As , Jones received thousands of checks in the mail.
judge told Jones that he should be ashamed himself. Jones responded that he was very ashamed himself, and that when he got out of he hoped to become a TV consultant to people avoid getting scammed. He told the judge he was already developing an instructional CD that, merely $100, would save people thousands of dollars scams. The judge nodded, and then changed Jones’s from 10 years to 12 years.