51. SUV Driver Sends Officer Flying

About 2:00 a.m. Monday, a California Highway Patrol was hit by an SUV. The officer was about 10 feet before landing in a hedge. officer was assisting a motorist whose car had on the freeway.
The police officer was listed stable condition at a nearby hospital. The accident after the fast-moving white SUV drove onto the where the two cars were parked. The SUV the officer before plowing into the police car. driver of the stalled car was unhurt.
The rolled completely over. The driver climbed out of SUV and took off, running in the direction a nearby off-ramp. Because another police vehicle was , the police caught the driver quickly. He was with drunk driving, property damage, causing personal injury, leaving the scene of an accident.
The driver no license and no insurance. He had been a year ago of driving while intoxicated. At time he had also injured someone and also the scene. He was sentenced to jail for months. But because the jail was so overcrowded, was released in one month.
“What can we ?” said a policeman. “There are a lot more drivers out there every night than there are . The only time we can get them off streets for good is when they kill someone.”