52. Boy Drowns in Neighbor's Pool

Hunter Smith, 5, drowned in a swimming pool apparently wandering away from two teenagers, one of was his babysitter. Paramedics and hospital staff members several hours trying to revive Hunter. Police pulled unconscious boy from the cold water of the ’s pool about 3:20 p.m. Wednesday.
The babysitter was . The other teen was her boyfriend, 17. The ’s parents had no comment about their son’s unfortunate .
Police questioned both teens separately as to how accident occurred. Their stories did not match. The said Hunter disappeared while she was using the . The boy said Hunter disappeared while he was the bathroom. After further questioning and some searching the house, the police determined that the boy while both teens were using the bedroom.
“They actually put him in the bedroom closet, but so busy with each other that they never or heard the boy leave the closet and house,” an officer said. Charges might be filed the teens for involuntary manslaughter and against the for leaving the gate to the pool unlocked.