54. Pilot Killed as Plane Crashes into House

A small plane crashed into a house Sunday , killing the pilot and destroying half of the . The family inside the house escaped without injury. single-engine airplane crashed about 5:30 p.m. The pilot, only one in the plane, was trying to an emergency landing at the airport.
The pilot’s was found on the bed in the master . The plane crashed into one end of the , where the three bedrooms were. That part of house was wrecked. The Carols, who own the , were all at home eating dinner.
“Oh, my ,” said Mrs. Carol, “I thought the world had to an end. I never heard such a sound. We all ducked under the table, thinking was another earthquake. When nothing else happened, we brave and decided to investigate.”
They immediately called when they discovered the cause of the thunderous . The family was lucky because there was no . Authorities suspect that a lack of fuel contributed the crash. Mr. Carol said that they might to move out until they can get the repaired. The police will release the pilot’s name they have notified his next of kin.