57. Man Fatally Stabbed Outside Nightclub

A middle-aged man was fatally stabbed outside a late Saturday night. Bob Evans died about 1:30 .m. after a woman stabbed him in the back Lovers Lounge. Police who arrived at the club Evans lying in the parking lot with a ice pick on the pavement next to him. sobbing woman was cradling the victim’s head in lap and stroking his hair.
Police identified the as Sara Haynes, 39, an emergency room nurse. took her into custody and said she would booked for murder. She was Evans's long-time girlfriend. lounge's bartender said Haynes started arguing with Evans she saw him dancing with a young woman.
thought there might be trouble when I saw walk in,” said the bartender. “She was looking around, with a wild look in her eyes. was on the floor dancing away with this blonde. She went straight at them. She pulled blonde out of his arms and started yelling him.”
Evans then led Sara outside, apparently to a scene inside the club. A witness who sitting in his car told police he saw argue for a couple of minutes. When Evans around to walk back inside, Sara pulled the pick out of her purse and stabbed Evans times. He collapsed to the ground. Then she down, put his head in her lap, and crying.