61. Victory Dance Leads to Death

A basketball game ended abruptly Saturday afternoon when -year-old Damon Miller was fatally shot at a recreation . The gunman, who called himself Ace, ran south Oak Street after the shooting and remains at . Miller was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. He died from two gunshot wounds to chest. The paramedics did not arrive immediately because were tied up at a four-car crash a away. This was the second such shooting during basketball game, apparently by the same gunman.
According witnesses, Miller did a little dance after making game-winning 3-point basket. When Ace told him to celebrating, Miller ignored him. Then Ace pulled a gun out of his baggy shorts and fired quick shots. Everyone else backed away. Instead of immediately, Ace picked up the basketball and made 3-pointer himself. Then he did a little dance to the victim’s head and fled.
A police said the suspect will be charged with "a more than unsportsmanlike conduct" when arrested. Eyewitnesses said is a white male, 5'11", about 200 pounds, a small scar on his left cheek.
Local criticized the police for dragging their feet in search for the suspect. “You can bet if was two white men who had been shot a black man, there’d be a policeman on basketball court in town till he was caught,” one activist.