66. The Way to a Man’s Heart

Lina often asked Luke to dinner. Lina loved , but Luke loved Lina’s cooking, not Lina herself. accepted that for the time being. But she that, with enough meals and enough time, she get her man.
Luke rarely stayed more than minutes past the last bite of dessert. Lina ask Luke if he wanted to watch TV, play cards or chess, or take a walk the neighborhood, but Luke always declined. He always , “I’ve got to go.” They both knew that didn’t have to go anywhere. All he ever was go back to his apartment and read or go online.
Tonight was probably going to more of the same. But Lina was a woman. She loved to cook, and she loved watch people eat her cooking. Tonight she prepared , fresh green beans, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Luke everything with gusto. Then she brought out her cheesecake with vanilla ice cream for dessert.
Luke , “Are you trying to fatten me up for ? Every time I come over here, I have eat celery and lettuce for a week to back down to my normal weight.”
“Oh, stop ,” Lina replied. “You enjoy every mouthful.”
“You’re right. apologize. I love your cooking, and if you ’t invite me over here, I’d be hurt and .”
Lina watched contentedly as Luke devoured the cheesecake ice cream. Someday, she thought, I will be dessert.