70. Valuable Guitar Found

A classical guitarist was thrilled to hear from York City police that his valuable guitar had found. It disappeared almost a year ago when got out of a taxicab and forgot to the guitar with him. Laurence Lennon, 44, said was running late that day. He was talking his manager on his cell phone when he out of the cab. He said that he the driver $60 and told him to keep change. He walked through the front doors of concert hall still talking on the phone to manager.
Upon discovering his loss, Lennon used his phone to call the police. The policewoman asked for the name of the cab company, the of the cab, and the name of the . He said that she had to be kidding.
told Lennon that he could file a missing report at the police station or online. Lennon for the online address. It was www.nypd.gov/toprotectandtoserve/haveaniceday. She him that finding the guitar might take a of years—finding guitars was not as important as murderers and marijuana smokers. Then she told him have a nice day.
"This year has been ," said Lennon. “I had to postpone the recording two new CDs. I’ve been using borrowed guitars. I was losing hope of ever recovering my .”
Lennon was reunited with his $100,000 guitar yesterday. case and the guitar had been discovered in corner of a coffeehouse only two blocks from Lennon had lost it in the first place. had offered a $10,000 reward for its return. said he would give the reward to the owner, who had notified the police. The police prepared a news release about its success in down the guitar.