71. Stepmother Kills Herself

Lois Castle, 58, committed suicide at home with revolver yesterday. Two police officers heard a single as they were about to knock on her door. They were at her house to arrest for the 1970 murder of her young stepdaughter. apparently realized that she was going to be . Only a month earlier she had been interviewed detectives about Dorothy’s death 35 years ago.
In , Castle told police that the girl had fallen of a tree she was climbing and hit head on a rock. But Dorothy’s natural father, , who was married to Castle at the time, his wife was lying. “She said she would me if I bother her again,” Dorothy had her father earlier.
“Your little girl is making stories about me. I try to love her, she rejects me,” Castle told Dwayne.
An autopsy inconclusive, and the death was ruled accidental. Dwayne Castle shortly thereafter.
But the case was reopened when a playmate of Dorothy’s came forward. Beverly , also seven at that time, said she was to knock on the door of Dorothy’s house fateful day. But instead of knocking, she listened as she heard Dorothy screaming for help and telling her to shut up. Beverly listened until was silent inside, then ran back home. She so shaken by the event that she had no one in all these years.
The coroner up Dorothy’s body and did a second autopsy. new crime-solving tools, he determined that Dorothy had struck in the skull several times by a the size of a baseball.
The police are trying to locate Dwayne to tell him the news.