73. Are Criminals Taking Over LA?

A 29-year-old woman was driving her car in wrong place at the wrong time. She was wounded by a couple of stray bullets. The were intended for a 20-year-old man, who was wounded by two other bullets.
The shootings occurred hour before sunset, a mile west of downtown Angeles. Two gang members attempted to rob the -year-old man. The victim punched one of his attackers, him down, and then took off running. As ran, the gangsters fired several times and struck in the back.
They also put a couple errant shots into the head of the woman . Mortally wounded, she crashed through the big glass of a salon, coming to a stop at hair-washing sinks.
Fortunately, the salon was closed because owner was at a family funeral. His nephew been stabbed to death by a gang member week earlier. The gang member, who was robbing nephew, got angry when all he found in nephew’s wallet was a dollar, an ID card, a library card.
“A library card!” the gang said angrily. “You think you're smarter than me? you're so smart, why are you getting robbed?” then stabbed the victim multiple times, ripped up library card, spit on it, and ran away.
city’s getting ridiculous,” said a local neighborhood watch . “Criminals are killing people almost every day. They at us. They know that, even if convicted, will get free housing, free meals, and free care. And they get to sit around in all day reading magazines! That’s punishment? It sounds like a reward! What do the rest of get for being HONEST? We get to work all day so we can die tired and .”