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.A woman golfing with her husband and her was taken to the local hospital yesterday afternoon. woman was struck by a golf cart driven her mom.

Ginger Rogers, 55, was hit by cart about 2 p.m. at Fairway Golf Course. was examining her 50-foot putt on the par tenth hole when she heard her mother scream. turned around just in time to see her driving straight toward her. The force of the knocked her over, and the cart then ran her foot.

Her mom, 81 years old, said a squirrel had jumped up into the cart for snacks. She tried to shoo the squirrel . Instead, it rose up on its hind feet made a hissing sound. Startled and frightened, the lady hit the gas pedal.

The paramedics arrived 15 minutes later and treated Ginger for a left ankle. They gave a mild sedative to mother, who kept muttering, “Vicious, simply vicious.” Then took Ginger to the hospital. Mr. Rogers promised wife he would visit her after he finished round.

John Dean, an attorney for the golf , said the golf course was not responsible for actions of its animals. He added, “If the want to sue, they’ll have to sue the . We’re still assessing the damage to the cart the green. It looks fairly light; I doubt the driver will owe us more than $1,000.”