89. Take This Job and Shove It

Maxwell had not held a steady job in two years. Today was a big day, because was going to a job interview that he good about. The secretary he had talked to the phone sounded friendly and encouraging.

Maxwell was typist. His fingers danced on the keyboard. However, people skills were not nearly as good as typing skills. Sometimes his mouth got in the of his employment. At his last steady job, boss had told him to start making coffee morning. Maxwell laughed. “I’m not making coffee,” he . “It’s not part of my job description.”

“Read employee manual again,” his boss said. “Your job is anything I say it is.”

“That’s a ’s job,” said Maxwell. “Do it yourself.”

His boss still yelling as Maxwell walked out of the . He felt great about telling off the boss. few days later, the reality of not having job hit home. He had to pay the and utility bills, and he had to eat. was he going to do?

He thought about and asking for his job back. But how that look? Then again, who cares how it when you’re almost broke? After thinking about it another week, he finally called his boss and . His boss accepted his apology, but said that had already hired a replacement.

Maxwell contacted a job agency, which provided him enough occasional work pay his bills. But none of the companies he was sent to were hiring. So Maxwell excited about finally getting an interview for a job.

Maxwell’s drive to the interview was disappointing. traffic was congested and the neighborhood looked rough. took him 45 minutes to get there. The was covered with graffiti.

The interview started 30 late. Not bothering to apologize, the manager lit cigarette and took a sip from his coffee . He leaned back in his chair and put feet up on his desk. He asked Maxwell lot of questions. Maxwell thought that each question stupider than the preceding question. The final question , “Where would you like to be 10 years now?”

What does that have to do with ? Maxwell wondered. Stupid questions from a rude man a lousy neighborhood! Where would he like to 10 years from now?

“Anywhere but this dump!” said angrily, as he stood up and walked .