90. Where Did That Book Go?

Samuel was back at the thrift shop. He walked into the shop with only one goal mind—to find a book that he had NOT yesterday. The book was one of seven that had piled up yesterday. He was going to all of them. But at the last moment, changed his mind. He put all seven back the shelf.

Samuel had a personal library at that exceeded 1,000 books—almost all unread. He subscribed seven magazines and one daily newspaper. Samuel had reading material in his small apartment than he finish in two lifetimes, yet his urge to more books raged on.

He finally put his down. Not one more book, he told himself, it was really special. Yesterday’s book fit the . It was a biography of one of his authors—Stephen King. King is one of America’s most fiction authors. But it wasn’t easy for King; in his career, he got hundreds of rejection . Samuel wanted to be a great writer. King his role model.

Samuel immediately found one of books he had piled up yesterday, and then one. All right, he thought. This was going be easy. In minutes, he found all the that he had held in his hands yesterday, one—the Stephen King book. Gee, what a surprise, thought. The one book that I want to is the one book that I can’t find.

took a walk throughout the store, knowing that often pick up merchandise in one place and leave it in another place. The book was thick paperback with a red cover. But it nowhere to be found.

So for Samuel, the Hunt was on. He was now a man a mission. Every thrift shop he went to involve a search for the King book. This search added purpose to his thrift shop life.

had held something special in his hands. But when he let it go did he realize value. When he found it again, he would the King book prominently on his bookshelf. It almost certainly be his favorite book that he got around to reading.