95. It Was an Old, Worthless Clock

It was an old clock, but it still the correct time. The face had a faded of Andy’s parents taken when they were newlyweds. from some photos, the clock was the only Andy had of his mom and dad.

His died of cancer in 1964. Then his mom to a private nursing home. She had many there. The nursing home, however, went bankrupt. They her into a state nursing home. She hated there.

She asked Andy to help her move a private nursing home again. She had spent of her husband’s savings on living expenses at first nursing home. Andy said he would try.

Andy had no savings. He was a sergeant the Army, and all his money went to wife and three kids. He called his older Frank, who was single and had a great . Frank was an avid deep-sea fisherman and was in buying a large boat for weekend use.

, I don’t have the money now, but you ,” Andy pleaded. “Just pay for Mom and I’ll you for half of the nursing home costs.”

’ll owe me? You don’t have two nickels to together, and probably never will. I’ll get stuck the whole bill. What about my boat?”

“What ?”

“Never mind. Let me think about it, and 'll get back to you.”

Frank never did send mom the money to move into a private home. Alone and unhappy, she died in the nursing home only a year later. Andy never his brother.

Many years went by. Frank’s health . He called up Andy one day. “Andy, I really bad about not helping out Mom. I too interested in getting that boat. The older ’ve gotten, the more guilt I feel. My days numbered, Andy. I was wondering if you would me that clock, just for a little while. want to beg Mom to forgive me.”

Andy very reluctant to part with his clock, but did feel a little sorry for Frank.

Frank ten months later. One of Frank’s nieces, Flo, the executor of his estate. Flo had hired lawyer to help her Uncle Frank rewrite his in his dying days. Strangely enough, Flo got .

She made sure Uncle Frank was buried a after his death. No announcement was made about funeral, which Flo kept private—at the 20-minute service, was the only mourner. Flo sold Uncle Frank’s , car, and boat within the week. Everything of value went to a charity. His cash and , of course, were already safely in her name.

Andy discovered that his brother had died, he Flo to ask about his clock. “Oh,” she , “that went to charity with everything else. You ’t really want that old thing, did you, Uncle ? Uncle Andy? Hello?” Well, that was rude, she .