98. Check Your Bags at the Store Entrance

Adrian’s favorite store was the $1 Store. This had everything, from fresh produce to birthday cards gasoline additives. Everything was one dollar. Usually, he very good deals; occasionally, he got ripped off.

few days ago, Adrian bought six packages of for his printer. Then he found a deal better ink at the local computer store. So went back to the $1 Store to exchange ink for some other items.

He put the into a plastic bag and tied it up. he entered the store, he immediately showed the to a clerk and told her that he returning some items. She looked at him but nothing. There were about ten people in her . She was obviously very busy. Not knowing exactly to do, Adrian put the bag into a -cart and started shopping.

He was midway through shopping a female employee suddenly stopped him. “Sir,” she sternly, “you are not allowed to carry a bag of items around in this store. What’s this bag? Show me what’s in the bag!”

was taken aback. There was no need for to yell. He opened the bag and showed the six packages of ink. “I’m returning these exchange for some other items,” Adrian said.

“You have left the bag with the clerk when entered this store. Let me see your receipt!” employee demanded.

Adrian was embarrassed. He felt like shoplifter. He looked around to see if anyone paying attention. He showed her the receipt.

“Perhaps the future you’ll learn how to follow store . Leave this bag here with the clerk. You have your receipt and bag back when you out.”

By the time Adrian had finished shopping exchanged the items, he was angry. How dare treat him like a criminal? He went looking her. He wanted an apology. He found her the produce section and asked what her name . She mumbled something. He asked her again, and time he heard “Ursula.”

“Ursula what?” he asked. yelled at him, “Ursula!” and stormed away.

When got home, he called the store’s corporate headquarters. rude employee was about to lose her job, said to himself. He described his unpleasant experience a customer service representative. She was sympathetic. “Our are taught to be polite. We will not such behavior. Give me your phone number and will call you back.”

Two days later, Adrian a phone call from the representative. “I’m sorry,” said, “but there’s no one at that store Ursula. Can you describe her? I’ll find out she is. I assure you, we do not rude behavior, nor do we tolerate lying to .”

By this time, Adrian had calmed down. He ’t really want the employee to lose her job. told the representative to forget about it.