Story 006a

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4. The exhausted runner ___ed to the ground after finishing the marathon in a personal best of 3 hours and 13 minutes.
5. Angry children often ___ their bedroom doors to demonstrate their anger.
7. A charge or some excitement, as in you 'You will get a ___ out of this.'
8. After you drive slowly through a construction site, you will often see a traffic sign that says '___ speed.'
11. Owner.
12. DMV stands for Department of Motor ___s.
18. Attached to a tractor (or an ox), a ___ is a tool that a farmer uses to break up the soil for planting.
20. If a husband has an affair, it is sure to ___ his marriage.
21. A ___ sign is a triangular traffic sign that requires you to slow down and look before continuing.
22. Dogs ___ cats. Lawyers ___ ambulances. Men ___ women.
23. ___s work at little booths in malls and on sidewalks trying to sell various things to people walking by.
25. The runaway shopping cart ___d my car when it hit my car.
26. Tourists like to go to Yellowstone National Park to see the ___s shooting out of the ground where the hot springs are.


1. To seek, as in 'She will ___ a career in advertising.'
2. Although a person's life can be interesting, a person's day is usually ___. It is about the same as the day before and the day after.
3. Some little old people who drive can barely see over the ___ wheel.
6. The opposite of 'major.' A ___ problem. A ___ illness.
9. An old car with a bad engine might ___ smoke and oil all over the streets.
10. In a panic, some drivers hit the gas pedal instead of the ___ pedal.
13. Firemen often use fire ___s, which are usually on sidewalks. Dogs like to use fire ___s too.
14. Drivers should have liability and ___ insurance. There are ___s between cars in every city every day.
15. An ___ driver is often a paramedic too.
16. No parents want to think that they, or their children, are ___s. Success is important to everyone.
17. Don't raise your voice at, ___ at, scream at, or curse your children. (Well, try not to.)
19. Moonshine. Scotch. Bourbon. ___ Pete's. A strong alcoholic drink.
24. At night, in the dark, a military guard might say '___! Who goes there?' if he hears a strange noise.