Story 007a

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1. Your chances of winning a state ___ by picking six numbers are about one in 40 million.
4. Sometimes, if you can't decide what to do, you ___ a coin. Heads, you do this; tails, you do that. Divers do ___s off the board into the swimming pool.
5. There is supposed to be a separation of ___ and state in the USA. People who go to ___ every Sunday know this.
7. An ___ is a type of blanket, a type of hunting dog, or a native of the country between Iran and Pakistan.
9. Every year, most people have to pay state and ___ taxes. Local, state, and ___ government.
11. Scientists like to create controlled experiments that have only one ___. If you have too many ___s, you can't measure cause and effect.
12. If you enter a contest or a game, you are a ___. Usually only one ___ wins.
13. Some homeowners ___ their house by selling tickets for $100 each. If they don't sell enough tickets, they cancel the ___.


2. Sight, smell, hearing, taste, and ___ are the five senses.
3. '___ the bottle' is a kissing game. Whomever the bottle points at after it stops ___ning is to be kissed by the person who spun the bottle.
5. Brave swimmers try to swim the English ___ between England and France. If you have cable TV, you have hundreds of ___s to watch.
6. Fill an ice ___ tray with water, put it into your freezer, and you will have ice ___s to add to your glass to chill your beverages.
8. This computer has a 90-day ___ of satisfaction. If you dislike it for any reason, you can return it within 90 days.
10. In America, you can ___ anyone for anything. You may not win your case in court, but you can try.